Professional Gilding Services for Antiques

The pros at Luis Restorations can restore your antiques and other heirlooms and object via many wonderful methods, including the process of gilding. Gilding, in many ways, is an art and we are proud of the work we do and results this process yields. Let's take a closer look at gilding and how it improves the look and quality of your antique or family heirloom.

What Is Gilding?

Let's first start with what precisely is gilding? Well, gilding is a decorative technique that applies a very think coating of gold to solid surfaces, such as metals, wood, porcelain and stone. Metal being the most common use for gilding. There are various techniques when it comes to this sort of restorative service for antiques. We take into consideration what we are working on and choose the best technique possible.

Some common methods of gilding include hand application and gluing of gold leaf, chemical gilding, and electroplating (which is another restorative service we offer). Of the electroplating offerings, gold plating is the most common when it comes to its conjunction with gilding.

Then we come to the partial gilt, or parcel-gilt. These are objects that are only gilded over just a part of their surfaces. This likely means that the inside, and not the outside, is gilded. Mostly in terms for chalices and bowls. A partial gilt also refers to the patterns or images that are made up by using a combination of gilt and the ungilted areas simultaneously.

In general, gilding gives an object a gold appearance, but at a fraction of the cost of creating a solid, gold object. You get the illusion of gold without paying for it. On top of that, a solid gold object is often too soft or heavy for any practical use. Lastly, a gilt surface is difficult to tarnish, which is a problem when it comes to silver. So you get a cleaner, longer-lasting gold surface in comparison. We offer gilding for a wide range of antiques and pieces of furniture. When you opt for our services, you will get beautiful results that have a long-lasting effect.

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