Gold Plating

Serving Many Across The New York And Long Island Area

Luis Restorations specializes in a wide array of antique restoration services, including the restoration of gold plated fixtures. Our gold plating services are affordable and reliable. Gold plating has been a practice of Luis Restorations since our inception and trusting your possessions in our hands is the best move you could make for your valuables. We have the necessary experience to use our gold plating skills and get your antique looking new in no time!

What is Gold Plating?

Luis Restorations mission is to provide premium electroplating products, services and information to your our clientele. Gold plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. This process is done by chemical or electrochemical plating. There are several types of gold plating used today.

  • Soft, pure gold plating - This is used in the semiconductor industry. A gold layer is soldered and wire bonded.
  • Bright hard gold on contacts - This creates a purity of close to 99.9% gold. This process will leave a small amount of nickel and/or cobalt. These elements interfere with die bonding, therefore plating baths should not be used for semiconductors.
  • Bright hard gold on printed circuit board tabs - This process is the depositing of lower concentration of gold into baths. These usually contain nickel and/or cobalt.
  • Soft, pure gold - These method involves the gold being deposited from special electrolytes. This process can be used for depositing layers suitable for wire bonding.

Gold plating is a precise process and must be handled by experts. It is a fancy way to preserve and add great value to your possessions. There are five recognized classes of gold plating chemistry: Alkaline gold cyanide, neutral gold cyanide, acid gold plating, non-cyanide, miscellaneous. Gold plating, though for our purposes is for furniture, it is also a popular method for jewelry and electronics. 

Gold Plating With Jewelry  

Gold plating of silver is widely used in the manufacturing of jewelry. In this process, the silver atoms diffuse into the gold layer, which causes a slow and gradual fading of the color. Eventually, the metal is tarnished on the surface. This process may take months or years to complete. It all depends on the thickness of the gold layer. To counter this effect, a barrier metal is used. Copper takes an even longer time than the silver, which leads to the copper usually being further plated with nickel.

New York's Gold Plating Experts

Luis Restorations has years of experience in the field and provides expert gold plating services for those in need. Our service area extends to clients across New York and Long Island. Contact us today for more information about our services. The number to call for our office is 631-218-1384. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the gold plating process, as well as about any of our quality restoration services. With your phone call we can provide you with a free estimate for any of our available services.

Interesting fact: NASA, by using a specific method, uses gold to thermally control spacecraft instruments due to its 99% reflectivity with infrared waves. Far out!