Long Island Gold Plating Restoration

For exceptional gold plating services on Long Island, turn to Luis Restorations. Our experienced craftsmen will work on your antique and restore it to glory! For more information about our plating services, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about the plating process and how it is applicable to your antique. You can also give us a call by dialing 631-218-1384. When you call, we can go over the process with you and offer you a free estimate for the potential work. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to Luis Restorations for the best gold plating services on Long Island, NY!

Long Island Gold Plating Experts

Here at Luis Restorations of Long Island, we are experts in gold plating. But what is gold plating, you ask? Gold plating is the method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal object, like your antique light fixture. We use one of two processes to complete the gold plating: chemical or electrochemical plating. In the end, gold plating is simply a fancy way to preserve and add great value to your antique possessions.

Long Island Gold PlatingThere are five recognized classes of gold plating chemistry: Alkaline gold cyanide, neutral gold cyanide, acid gold plating, non-cyanide, and miscellaneous. For our purposes gold plating on Long Island is mostly for furniture, light fixtures, and various antiques. You also may see it used for jewelry and electronics. 

Different Types of Plating

Gold plating actually takes a few forms. There are several types of gold plating you’ll find in use throughout Long Island. Here are some of those uses.

Soft, Pure Gold Plating

You will find this use in the semiconductor industry. A gold layer is soldered and wire bonded.

Bright Hard Gold on Contacts

Bright, hard gold on contacts creates a purity of close to 99.9% gold. However, this process leaves a small amount of nickel and/or cobalt. These elements interfere with die bonding. Therefore, do not use plating baths for semiconductors.

Bright Hard Gold on Printed Circuit Board Tabs

This is the process of depositing a lower concentration of gold into baths. These usually contain nickel and/or cobalt.

Soft, Pure Gold

The method for soft, pure gold involves the gold being deposited from special electrolytes. This process is used for depositing layers suitable for wire bonding.