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Luis Restorations handles many different restoration jobs for people across Long Island, New York, including professional electroplating services. Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations. It does so in order to form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. The main function of electroplating is to change the surface proportions of an object. This includes aspects like wear and resistance, corrosion protection, abrasion, lubricity and aesthetic qualities. You can also call on our electroplating services to build up a thickness on any undersized parts or to form objects by the process of electro-forming.

Benefits of Our Electroplating Services

Since electroplating offers users a wide array of application methods and processes, that means it also comes with various benefits. Here are some of the more notable benefits you'll get when you turn to Luis Restorations for their electroplating services.

Adds Strength with Protective Barrier

When you coat your component in a less reactive metal, the electroplating makes it more resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Thus increasing its lifespan. During this process, it can also increase heat resistance, which makes the object stronger against impacts and shocks. This is crucial for objects that have a brittle underlying metal and need a boost in strength, otherwise it may break soon.

Less Friction

With this process, you can make your components slide more easily across adjacent surfaces by reducing the friction. Nickel plating in particular is the way to go. In the end, there is less wear and tear, which means replacement parts will not be needed as often.

Add More Properties

The right plating process can add more properties to your object. Depending on what you need, the item can become more magnetic or more conductive to electricity.

Stronger Adhesion

Electroplating can be used as a middle step between the base material and the outer coating. What this does is helps the outer coating stick more firmly to the material.

Greater Thickness

Electroplating with the right metal can ensure a greater thickness is achieved when coating the material. When you have a thicker coating, the item will become more resistant to wear and tear and more durable, thus lasting longer. That is why electroplating with the right metal is perfect for antiques who need help adding years to their lifespan or risk breaking and falling apart.

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In a nutshell, the process of electroplating uses an electrical charge to bind metal ions to the surface of a product or component you order. We use process to coat your antique with materials like nickel, silver, palladium, gold, copper, and zinc alloys. Electroplating offers wide range of applications that improve the durability and other properties of your components.

For more information about our electroplating services and how we can breathe new life into your antique, please give us a call today. The number for our office is 631-218-1384. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over all our antique restoration services. We work with many across Long Island in order to bring them the best services for their money. You can also fill out a request form and get an estimate for the restoration work you are looking to have completed.

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