Silver Plating

Luis Restorations of Long Island specializes in a wide array of restoration services for lighting fixtures like chandeliers, sconces and lamps and restores them using the process of silver plating. Silver plating is the perfect option if you want a timeless, yet modern finish with your light fixture. Silver does increase the electrical conductivity of the piece, while making it more decorative in the process. And it is a less expensive approach compared to using gold. However, silver does have the tendency to crack or peel when exposed to high humidity. So if this is the option you want, we recommend having the light fixture stay in environments that are dry. But on the whole, silver is great for many different types of light fixtures, but in the home, or at commercial settings like offices and hotels.

What is Silver Plating?

Silver plating has been a popular process since the 18th century. This method provides a cheaper version of household items that are typically made of solid silver-including cutlery, equipment and candlesticks. The earliest form of silver plating was called Sheffield Plate. This process used thin sheets of silver and fused them to a layer or core of base metal. In regards to electronics, silver can be used for plating copper-its electrical resistance is lower. Silver plating should be used for parts and valuables exposed to high humidity. This also goes for caring for your silver-plated valuables as well. When the silver layer is porous or has cracks, the underlying copper will corrode rapidly.

Silver plating is a much more affordable way to preserve your valuables and a process that when completed needs care and attention as all of your possessions deserve. Learn more about the benefits of this restoration process. Keep your family heirlooms and antiques in top shape for future generations with our silver plating services!

New York's Restoration Experts

Luis Restoration has years of experience in the antique restoration and repairing field. Silver plating has been a practice of Luis Restorations for decades. So you can trust your possessions in our hands! Get dependable results at an affordable price! We provide our services to clients across Long Island and New York. Only experienced experts should handle valuables undergoing silver plating and Luis Restorations should be your go-to source for any sort of silver plating job. We will restore your antique to new! We also plate using nickel and copper too.

Get in touch with us today for more information about our various electroplating services. The number to call is 631-218-2718. We look forward to helping you with your next restoration job. When you reach out, we can go over the various details of the upcoming project. So please, do not hesitate to give us a call and get professional plating services! Request an estimate for the work you are looking to have done, too.

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