How To Rewire a Chandelier

The pros at Luis Restorations can properly rewrite a chandelier. We know how to safely perform this task. So you don't have to! Please turn to a professional like us to help with any rewiring needs. Here is our general step-by-step when performing the rewiring of a chandelier. Remember, we are the professionals, so you can turn to us when you need help wiring or rewiring a chandelier

Prepare the Chandelier

We often start by loosening the ceiling fixture. This resembles a rounded base that the chain and chandelier will hang from. We slide this gently to the bottom hub of the chandelier. There are three wires you will see at this point: ground wire (copper), earth/neutral wire (white) and the hot/live wire (yellow or any other color).

We use a wire tester, which will be handy while preparing the chandelier. This is to ensure full safety precautions are met. We place the tester on the neutral and live wires and label them accordingly. Once we label them, we turn off the main power to the chandelier and get to work! And by that we mean we will unscrew the chandelier from the ceiling, unhook the wires, and place it down safely somewhere for examination.

Rewiring the Wires and Sockets

Once down, we remove any ornamental designs and the socket cap for each arm of the chandelier. This exposes the chandelier socket underneath. So we unscrew the small screw that connects the live copper wire to the socket and pull this live wire through the arm of the chandelier.

Once we pull it through, we will measure out a new piece of wire to replace the faulty, old wire. We will add an inch or so on each side of the new wire, which accounts for wire stripping. Then we will thread the new wire through the arms and strip and twist the ends together. At this point, we will connect the new end to the chandelier socket's screw. And then repeating this for all the subsequent arms of the chandelier that need rewiring.

Straighten Up The Wires

Once we rewire all of the arms of the chandelier and the ends of the wires stripped and twisted, then we will group all of the neutral and live wires. It is important to straighten this up for future rewiring efforts. When it is neat, it is safe.

We twist all of the hot wires together in order to make it noticeable which ones they are. And the other groups of wires will also be twisted together. We will then cut a new piece of main wire that will connect the lights to the hub of the chandelier. Once neatly grouped, we place the wires into wire connector caps for protection and seal them with electrical tape.

Wiring Hot, Neutral and Ground Wires

Once the groups of wires have been sorted, we pull the wires tight from the hub of the chandelier. This way they fit neatly into the hub itself. Then we pull the main wire up along the chain towards the base of the chandelier and screw the chandelier into the ceiling fixture.

Once tight, we connect the copper ground wire, the main neutral wire and the main hot wire to their respective groups on the main fixture. When we finish, we will use electrical tape and connector caps again for added safety. In a similar fashion to the wires at the main hub of the chandelier.

Finishing the Rewiring Job

Once everything is complete, we can finally pull the ornamental cover up to the top of the chain and connect to the ceiling fixture. We make sure the chandelier hub is enclosed and that nothing is out of place. If we need it, we will cover the chandelier sockets with socket covers and screw back in any light bulbs. At this point, your chandelier is hanging beautifully from the ceiling with new wires and lights and a fresh rewiring job.

Luis Restorations Offers Professional Chandelier Rewiring

The team at Luis Restorations offers professional chandelier rewiring services for people throughout Long Island. It is important to rewire chandeliers every so often. By rewiring it, you improve the lifespan of the chandelier, while also making your home a safer place. So if you notice flickering or dying bulbs, then perhaps it is time for a professional rewiring job for your chandelier.

For more information about our chandelier services, please give us a call. The number to dial is 631-218-1384. When you call, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for the work.