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Rewiring old chandeliers seems like a daunting task, because it is! Especially if you do not have prior experience doing DIY or electrical work. This is why chandelier wiring and rewiring should be handled by professionals in most cases. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but we encourage those who need help to seek help. The team at Luis Restorations has years of experience handling these issues and will safely rewire your chandelier. And we are proud to help many across Long Island, New York

Why It's Important To Rewire Chandeliers

There are some age-old questions that may lead you to believe that you need to fix the wiring of your chandelier. Like, does your chandelier flicker? Has it recently started shining more dimly? Maybe you are changing light bulbs more frequently? Whatever the reason, rewiring a faulty or flickering chandelier might be the best course of action.

Chandeliers are a nice addition to any room. No matter the room they are in, a chandelier will light up the ceiling with a unique look of bulbs that are paired with a beautifully designed, ornate candelabra. When you install a chandelier, it becomes a semi-permanent fixture in the home. So, chandeliers tend to have a longer lifespan than other lights in the home. And a longer life means they are more susceptible to aging and weakening their performance. And over time, you can see the wires loosening as you change these bulbs over years.

The loosening wires may eventually result in a circuit break. Which then leads to the aforementioned flickering and dimming bulbs. When this happens with your chandelier, then you need to looking into rewiring it either yourself or by contacting a professional.

Chandelier Rewiring Kit

As mentioned, we recommend that you contact a professional for more chandelier rewiring. However, we would like to share with you what some of the common items you need to rewire a chandelier.

  1. A wire tester: determines the live and neutral wires.
  2. Lamp wire: an un-grounded, single-insulated two-wire cord to use for lamps.
  3. Wire strippers: to use for stripping the wire and separating the wire from the sheath.
  4. Wire connector caps: insulating caps that will safely protect exposed wires.
  5. Chandelier sockets & covers: the socket that holds the bulb while also connecting the wires.
  6. Electrical tape: use to insulate and cover exposed wires.

And then you have some miscellaneous tools, like pliers, a flathead screwdriver and a pair of scissors. All come in handy when rewiring a chandelier.

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