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Luis Restorations specializes in antique refinishing and restorations, with our services extending to clients across the greater New York area. Antique refinishing portends to many items that you may consider an "antique." From lamps, to chandeliers, to lighting fixtures, we have tried and true techniques to restore and refinish your antique to its former glory.

The process of antique refinishing depends on the type of material being refinished. In general, when working with wood, the process involves stripping the wooden furniture and appliances of their original finish. Thus allowing for a simple applying of the new finish. The refinishing of your antiques can do wonders for your older, wooden pieces and can restore your pieces back to their original glory. And if there are any alterations you would like done, we can try to accommodate those the best we can.

New York Antique Refinishing Your New York Antique Refinishing Specialist

Our New York antique refinishing services provide you and your antiques with a plethora of important benefits. The primary benefit of refinishing your antiques is that your older furniture and appliances look brand new despite their natural aging. In addition, our refinishing team eliminates all bumps, dents, and scratches from your antiques that may have accumulated through use. Our experts fully inspect all work upon completion to ensure beautiful long-lasting results. 

Another benefit of our antique refinishing services is its attempt to preserve the item against further deterioration, or in other words conservation of the antique. Getting your antique items to look like new is great, but having them last is even better. With our refinishing services, your antique items will look better and last longer. By finishing your antique, you can also give it a completely new look and feel without having to spend more money on purchasing a new item. Our services will breathe new life into your old antiques.

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Depending on the type of item being refinished, different processes will be used. In general for furniture, antique refinishing involves stripping your wooden furniture and appliances of their original finishes and applying new finishes. Refinishing can do wonders for wooden pieces. Our refinishing team can bring your wooden pieces back to their original glory. We are also able to change the appearance of your wooden pieces depending on your design tastes. There is flexibility when refinishing these types of furniture. Personal tastes are important and when we work on an item, we will work closely with you.

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Luis Restorations has years of experience working in the New York area and provides expert craftsmanship when it comes to antique refinishing. We can turn any of your antique furniture and restore it to its original glory. We are a licensed and insured restoration company and service clients across the state of New York. Get a quote today for the refinishing work you are looking to have done.

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For more information regarding our professional refinishing services, please contact us today. Learn more about the benefits of refinishing your antiques by a professional. Get in touch with us to receive a free consultation and estimate for our potential services. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of services. So please, do not hesitate to reach out. Find out why we offer the best antique refinishing in New York! Other common services include for chandeliers restoration and antique lamp restoration.