Antique Lamp Restoration

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Luis Restorations has been providing dependable and affordable antique lamp restoration since 1987. Our shop is located in Bohemia, New York and our staff has years of experience working on old, antique lamps. Customers from across Long Island turn to us when they need expert antique lamp restoration. If you would like a free estimate for the old lamp you want restored, please call 631-218-1384 today. When you call, we can provide you with accurate price points to help you make a decision.

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Luis Restorations is a UL certified company and provide restoration services that are unmatched in the area. Our UL certification ensures that you are in safe hands, because we meet the UL certification guidelines. Our restoration services extend to both new and old lamps. And our results speak for themselves.

What Is Antique Lamp Restoration

The restoration process for antique lamps is when our staff brings back an older or antique lamp to its original condition. Or returns the lamp as close as possible to its original condition without interfering with the integrity of the lamp. During the restoration process, it can include both structural and finishing work. When we finish an antique lamp, we bring back the existing finish by using the original solvents. We use the original solvents because they do a much better job penetrating and adhering to the new finish. And allows you to see the old lamp look like new again.

Our lamp restoration services utilize a process called plating. We provide copper, silver and gold plating services for our clients. These finishes will restore your antique lamp to its original glory. We can also mix it up and finish the lamp with a new finish. Turning your old lamp into something original. We will work with you to make sure that the end result is exactly what you want.

Why Antique Lamps Need To Be Restored

As older lighting ages, the electrical components often deteriorate. So, for safety reasons, it is smart to inspect antique lighting from time to time to see if restoration is needed. If there is some doubt, then it may be time to get the lamp restored. Antique lighting is often beautiful and holds sentimental value to the owner. These lamps are not something you want to part with, despite their deteriorating condition. Which means you turn to restoration. And with restoration often comes rewiring. Get a professional hand to rewire your old antique lamp and have it fully restored to glory.

Removing Old Electrical Components

For more immersive jobs where we take apart an antique lamp, we will take pictures to make sure we put the lamp back together properly. This picture serves as a visual record of the lamp.

When we want to get rid of a lamp's old wires and socket, we follow a few steps.

  1. Before we begin, we will disconnect the lamp from its power source.
  2. The we will remove the socket shell and use a flat head screwdriver in order to pry the socket shell up.
  3. Then we will loosen the socket terminal screws. Unwinding the wire so that we can gently pull it out from the base of the lamp.
  4. Once we remove the wire, then we will loosen the set-screw if there is one, since this secures the socket. From there, the socket can be un-threaded from the lamp pipe.