Chandelier Wiring Professionals

It is important to have professional chandelier wiring and installation. Why? Well, there are dangers that should be handled by someone with experience. And luckily for you, professional chandelier wiring is one call away!

Chandelier Wiring Importance

When installing a chandelier, it is important to do the wiring properly. This goes for both installing new chandeliers, or simply rewiring an older chandelier. Many people attempt to do this themselves. However, we do not recommend doing it yourself. Especially if it is your first time. Wiring a chandelier incorrectly can to some problems, both minor and major. A mistake will most likely mean you will pop a breaker or blow a fuse depending on your house's electrical setup. But you can also injure yourself. Or worst of all start an electrical fire. Avoid these issues when turning over your chandelier wiring to the professionals at Luis Restorations.

Does A Chandelier Need Ground Wire?

When installing a chandelier, the wiring requires time and effort that should be handled by a professional. In order to properly operate, a chandelier requires a hot lead, a neutral and a ground wire connected to the light switch. You can ground a chandelier to the ground wire in the junction box in a few minutes with some hand tools.

So is a ground wire necessary then when installing a chandelier? For the most part, no. The chandelier should operate normally without the ground wire. This is because it is not a part of the conducting path, which supplies electricity to the chandelier. If the case is grounded, then a high current flows into the appliance ground wire and trip the breaker.

How Do You Attach a Ground Wire to the Chandelier?

First, you connect the wires. To do this, you feed the chandelier wires through the nipple. Then lift the fixture and screw the mounting bar to the electrical box. Wrap the cable's copper ground wire around the grounding screw, tighten it, then connect the wire's end to the chandelier's ground wire.

Again, we do not recommend you attempt this on your own. Our staff of professionals can handle the chandelier wiring for you and make sure it is done safely.

What If Light Fixture Has No Ground Wire?

If the chandelier is out of reach, then the lack of a ground is probably a low risk. However, if the chandelier is a pull chain, then it is a smart idea to use a string pull instead of metal.

If the chandelier is metal, then it does need to be grounded. The ground wire exits the junction box, but it is not attached to your junction box.

Is It OK Not To Connect Ground Wire?

NO! Because not having a ground wire may inadvertently kill someone! If the chandelier has a ground wire, then it is because there is a chance that you or someone else may get an electrical shock. So if there is a ground wire, then it is there for a reason and needs to be used.

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