Antique Polishing Services

Polishing & Restoring Metal, Silver, Copper & More!

No matter how good of condition you keep your antiques in, they will eventually need to be restored in some way. Luis Restorations offers professional antique polishing services. We polish everything from metals to light fixtures and more. And polish surfaces like silver, copper, gold and nickel. When our restoration team gets their hand on an antique, you better believe the end result will look great! Turn your antique around with our professional polishing services. Let our results speak for themselves!

For more information about our antique polishing services, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-218-1384. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation and discuss our restoration services with you. Get an estimate for the work you want done.

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Polishing Antique Metal

When it comes to the polishing of antique metal, it is handled a little differently. This is not some new metal that is simple to polish. Older metal takes skill and patience. Antique metal is more susceptible to rust, which leads to an unsightly appearance and a lower overall value. Our staff has years of experience polishing antique metal and know there are more ways than one to get the job done right. We will look over your antique and decide on the best route possible. Each metal presents different challenges, because we must take some precautions in order to avoid unwanted reactions.

Polishing Antique Silver

Many antiques are made of silver. It was cheaper than other metals and easy to turn into various items. However, silver tarnishes over time. Giving it a cloudy look. So expert polishing is a must if you want to avoid severe and damaging tarnishes. There are two key factors that lead to the tarnishing of silver. One is the humidity level. More moisture in the air will lead to the quicker formation of tarnish. The other is chemical contact, which is the presence of any chemicals in your environment. Simple home products, like lotion or hairspray, can accelerate silver tarnish. Daily cleaning and upkeep can keep silver items from tarnishing too quickly, but it is only a matter of time before it happens. And when it does, bring your silver antique to our restoration shop for the best services on Long Island!

The Importance of Chandelier Polishing

Our polishing services also extend to chandeliers. Chandeliers are elegant and beautiful, but they are also fragile, intricate, expensive and difficult to clean. In order to maintain a chandelier's brilliance, the lights need to be clean. Any dirt or other films on the crystal or glass surfaces will result in an unattractive dullness. Which will ultimately ruin a chandelier's brilliance.

Our staff has all of the necessary equipment to professionally clean and polish your chandelier. Keep your chandelier looking brilliant with our top-quality polishing services. Otherwise, you run the risk of your chandelier looking dull.

While polishing your chandelier, we will also be checking other aspects of it to make sure it is working properly. We are a UL certified company and can effectively handle the rewiring of your chandelier. Our staff will check the connections of the bulbs and make sure everything is in sound condition. Learn more about our chandelier repair services and how they can effectively fix your issues.