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Luis Restorations of Long Island specializes in a variety of restoration services, including the restoration of copper-plated fixtures and chandeliers. We have years of experience in the industry and work with customers across New York and Long Island. We are a licensed and insured company that specializes in restoring antiques. Copper plating is a common aspect for many items, especially antiques. There is a wide range of items that use copper. Unfortunately, copper is a material that does not hold long and needs to be properly maintained. Our experienced team of technicians has the experience and wherewithal to properly work on an assortment of items. Request an estimate for our work today!

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Copper PlatingSo please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about our restoration services. The number for our office is 631-218-1384. When you call, we can provide you with a free consultation and estimate!

What is Copper Plating?

Copper plating is the process of electrolytically depositing a layer of copper. Copper readily oxidizes, so copper-plated parts that are used in a decorative fashion are often lacquered after the plating to retain that bright and shiny appearance. The applications for copper plating are almost limitless. These applications induce an undercoat in situations where enhanced adhesion for additional coatings of materials, as it provides smooth and uniform coverage. Surface preparation for soldering is also another application. Many aerospace and electronics industries apply copper plating on plastic applications.

This process can be somewhat dangerous due to the toxicity of cyanide. Many commercial platers use a copper-cyanide solution to complete the plating. This plating retains a high concentration of copper, but could be an issue when not done by an expert due to the presence of the cyanide. A cyanide-based bath chemistry produces a metal finish that is preferred for its diffusion blocking characteristics. Diffusion blocking is used to improve the long-term adherence of different types of metals, such as steel. Due to some of these risks, it is important to concede these areas to the professionals.

Copper Plating Benefits

When you turn to Luis Restorations, you are turning to the #1 spot on Long Island for professional copper plating. Copper plating offers a variety of benefits due to its malleability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, lubricious and anti-bacterial qualities. And when you turn to us, you will be getting all the benefits that come with this plating application. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of using copper plating for your coating needs.


Copper is a highly conductive material, which makes widely used in electrical applications.

Great Malleability

Since copper is soft, it has an inherent flexibility. This means it can bend and maintain adhesion well.

Secure Adhesion

When electroplating, copper achieves a smooth, even coverage onto both ferrous and non-ferrous base metals. It also provides an excellent undercoat for additional coating and plating finishes. So copper-plated components are able to benefit from the dual characteristics of copper and the additional processes that gets layered on top of the plating, like nickel, tin, and aluminum.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper offers a good level of resistance to corrosion. However, if you are looking for great resistance to corrosion, then turn to harder metals like nickel. We also have the ability to complement copper with nickel plating to ensure a resistance to corrosion.

Cost Effective

Copper is less expensive and more readily available than platinum, gold and silver. So it becomes a more cost-effective plating option.

An Affordable Plating Option

Copper is less expensive and widely accessible, unlike metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Those metals are more at a premium. This allows for the process to be cheaper than other plating options. Save money and still get a reliable metal. Copper pennies are useful in demonstrating the concept of copper plating, because all you need do is have a simple lemon bath. Lemon juice is a natural acid that attacks the oxidized copper-oxygen bond and releases the copper from the surface of the pennies. Then place a metal, such as an iron nail, in the suspended bath of copper ions. What you'll get is a simple plating of the iron nail. We can restore any types of antiques with our plating methods! We have a wide clientele base across New York and Long Island.

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Luis Restorations has years of experience in the field and provides trusted and reliable refinishing services to those in need. Our service area extends to customers across Long Island and New York. For more information about any of our refinishing or restoration services, please reach out to us today! The number to call to speak to a customer service representative is 631-218-1384. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about our plating services.  We can even provide you with a free estimate for the work we can provide. You are in good hands when you trust Luis Restorations with your antiques and light fixtures.