Long Island Antique Refinishing

Affordable Antique Refinishing Services

Luis Restorations is proud to offer customers across Long Island with antique refinishing services that are both dependable and affordable. Antiques become antiques because they hold a sentimental value to the owner. However, as the years go on, antiques may age and lose their luster and appeal. But you want to keep the antique around? This is where we come in, because we will take your old antiques and work with them. The goal with our refinishing and restoration services is to return the item to its original glory. We will treat your antiques with all the care and attention to detail that you'd expect.

Antique Refinishing Benefits

Antique refinishing offers some nice benefits. Perhaps the most prominent benefit of this service is that your older furniture, light fixtures, appliances, etc. look brand new despite their natural aging. All bumps, dents, and scratches that are present on your antiques can be removed or refinished in such a way that they will be barely noticeable.

When it comes to antique refinishing, the process typically involves stripping your wooden furniture and appliances of their original finish. This paves the way to easily apply the new finish. Our staff has the expertise to bring your wooden pieces back to their original glory. And if there are minor alterations you would like during our antique refinishing process, we can do that too.

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Luis Restorations has years of experience in the industry and provides clients across Long Island with the best antique refinishing services in the area. We are a team of licensed and insured contractors who can work on a variety of restoration jobs. We implement various methods and approaches to best work your antique. From chandeliers, to lamps, to many other lighting fixtures, we have the wherewithal and experience to get the job done right. For more information regarding our services, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding antique refinishing. The number to call is 631-218-1384. We can provide you with a free consultation and estimate for all of our services.